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4-axis stage/NAF3 series
4-axis XYq stage [high rigidity type]

New mechanism realizing high rigidity
and high precision in the lateral direction

Rigidity and precision is regarded as important in the XYq stage intended for alignment. Along with an increasing stage size, such trend has been more and more outstanding. New mechanism, a solution for this problem, has been commercialized as this product.
Compensating weak points of 3-axis type and adopting a unique algorithm have attained the control deemed to be difficult.
We have improved the supporting method adopted by most manufacturers, to realize such high rigidity and high precision as never achieved in the past.

High rigidity
Four actuators are evenly placed from the table center, mechanically and electrically supporting the table. Compared with the conventional 3-axis type, any direction being weak in lateral rigidity has been rejected allowing high rigidity to be retained in all directions.
High precision
Both X and Y directions can now be driven by two actuators, allowing the table to move more precisely. This provides the same positioning accuracy in both X and Y directions. (For the conventional 3-axis type, X direction was driven by one actuator, considerably affecting the precision. In particular, this trend will be more remarkable when an increasing table size further separates the actuator from the center.)
Advanced function
Using a dedicated controller can easily control the action of table. New algorithms have been mounted, including increased holding power during stop as well as synchronous operation from 4-axis origin reset.
Structure and principle
Operation is only allowed when the table is supported by four actuators to balance a movement command to each motor with retained control.
Rigidity has been increased by providing mechanical clamp and electrically holding the table, while precision has been improved with two actuators evenly supporting the table against any movements in X and Y directions.
Well-balanced 4-axis positioning requires the machining and assembly technology. The sophisticated control technique is important for well-balanced 4-axis movements. These are the very skills of expert, which cannot be realized without the technology of HEPHAIST.

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