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Triaxial stage/NAF3 series
XYq stage NAF3 series

The cream of technology is poured into the compact body.

XYq stage has adopted the preload typed double slide structure where the base is inserted between two tables.
Placing a number of balls between the tables allows smooth rolling motion on the plane.
The ideal layout structure has decreased up to 40% of occupied area compared with the conventional mechanism.
In spite of compact body, such performance advantages as high-precision positioning, flexible setting of swivel center and easy operation have been realized.
XYq stage provides efficient operation environment.

Compact body
Because of ideal layout structure making the body compact without any idle space, the occupied space has been reduced by 40% compared with the conventional one.
Compatibility between ultrathin body and rigidity
Ultrathin body has been achieved by taking all loads with preload typed double thrust structure and arranging three actuators on the same plane. This structure also minimizes an increase in stage thickness caused by upsizing and higher load.
High-precision positioning
Because the actuator is not directly loaded, stable accuracy can always be obtained regardless of changed load.
Flexible setting of swivel center
It is allowed to swivel around not only table center but also any point of table plane.
Easy installation with dedicated controller
XYq stage-dedicated controller has dispensed with complex calculation or burdensome software development. Axial movement with handle key is also allowed. It can be used in the same handling sense as the stacking XYq stage.
Operation principle
Operating three actuators fixed on the same plane allows various movements.
Issuing a command to U axis generates a movement in X direction. Issuing the same command to V and W axes generates a movement in Y direction. Issuing the same command to U, V and W axes generates simultaneous movements in X and Y directions.
Equalizing all movements in U, V and W axes and directing to change the moving direction generates a movement in q direction using the table center as swivel center. Directing U, V and W axes with each different movements and moving directions generates a movement in q direction using any point as swivel center.
Product specifications
Item Specifications
NAF3C-16K NAF3C-40
Stroke X axis: ±5mm, Y axis: ±5mm, q axis: ±3 X axis: ±3mm, Y axis: ±3mm, q axis: ±3
Table size 160mm×160mm 400mm×400mm
Motor Stepping motor Servo motor
Stage material Iron: Raydent treatment
Aluminum: Black alumite treatment
Mass 6kg 60kg
Resolution 1mm/p(Half) 0.0028mm/p
Repetitive positioning accuracy Within ±0.7mm
Lost motion Within 5mm
Operating load capacity 100N 500N
Idling load capacity 500 N (Uniformly distributed load in the vertical direction) 3000 N (Uniformly distributed load in the vertical direction)
Degree of travelling parallelization Within 1mm
System configuration figure Example of installation
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