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Triaxial stage/NAF3 series
Alignment system integrating XYq stage and image processor
with dedicated controller has been completed.

Dedicated controller serves as the hub of this system, controlling XYq stage and image processor as well as responding to signals from host controller.
For image processor, it performs measurement signal outputs and correction value inputs.
For XYq stage, it automatically calculates instruction values for 3-axis motor based on correction values and sends driving signals to the motor via driver.
This system realizes positioning operations for objects to be aligned, from deviation measurements to table movements.

Controls correction value measurements through table movements.
This system realizes alignment operation sequences for objects to be aligned, from measurement through table movement calculation and positioning.
Interface with host controller
While this is a complete alignment system, it can also control such things as the start of calculation or operation according to instruction from a host controller.
3-axis operation function
Based on XYq data obtained from image processor, it automatically calculates the feed and feed rate for 3-axis motor. In addition, the rotation center can be freely changed.
Visual positioning with manual operation
Pulse handle key attached to dedicated controller allows fine feed in XYq directions. Alignment can be performed manually while checking camera images on the monitor.
System configuration figure Example of installation
  Semiconductor production; survey instruments

  LCD, PDP and EL panel production units and survey instruments

  Printers for screen printing and printed boards

  Microscopic stages and others

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