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Forging a new era through the encounter between workmanship and creativity.
Nearly half a century of constant endearor. Since the company was founded, Hephaist has been involved in research and development on linear motion mechanisms. Over these years we've succeeded in establishing a unique reputation as a manufacturer specializing in linear motion bearings characterized by outstandingly high levels of accuracy, stiffness and quality.
We are proud of the unflagging zeal that we direct toward the pursuit of advanced technology and fine mechanics. In every era, it's technology and creativity that create a prosperous future. Rooted in this approach, we intend to continue taking on the challenge of advanced technology to satisfy the most diverse needs.
three main areas We're living in an age when advances in every branch of industry are occurring at an ever mounting pace. The technology to support these advances must constantly evolve. It's our task to pursue cutting-edge technology capable of answering the most diverse demands, and it's by doing this that we've created a wide range of products that have enriched everyday living. By pushing forward the boundaries of technology, we aim to continue to contribute to the creation of a better society. We at Hephaist have created basic infrastructure that underpins our society in three main areas: linear motion parts, ultra-high precision processing, and system product development. Our potential extends as far as space development, clean energy and medical care. We shall continue our challenge by aspiring to ever higher levels of achievement.
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