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Management ideals



Contributing to society:
"Aiming to become firmly established as a company that's able to contribute to society through the creation of new value."
We believe that our business is essentially all about "creating new value." When we talk about "new value" we're referring to products that are being supplied to the market and can be recognized by society as being really worthwhile. Putting it even more plainly, we're talking about supplying the market with products possessing a high level of rarity value, products with a high level of creativity and originality, and products that observe the highest standards as regards quality, price and supply deadlines.
Coexisting with employees:
"Aiming to become firmly established as a company in which every employee has an essential, organic role to play and which provides the opportunity for every employee to share in the joy of achievement."
We believe that the profits made by the company belong to all our employees. We therefore aim to distribute our profits fairly among all employees, who are thus able to experience together with our shareholders the joy involved in making a real contribution to society.
Stable growth:
"Aiming to become firmly established as a company capable of generating stable levels of profit with the aim of realizing the above objectives."
We're not interested in growing larger and larger just for the sake of it. In order to achieve our ideals, we need to establish foundations that will enable us to maintain stable levels of profit.

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